People really like to use up all their energy early in the day hating on someone. And me, I’m the ‘someone’ they’re hating.

I can just tell by a person’s reactions via text, video chat, in person, whatever. They are bitter and angry inside right now because of some good things that are happening to me. It doesn’t make me feel any type of way towards them except pity. I pity that they feel the need to use up their energy this morning to feel some type of way about the positivity going on around me. And that’s even in the midst of the craziness that’s happening to me.

Kids had been messing with our new build, so we had to have some repairs done recently. So that’s been a bummer, but my husband and I decided not to let that steal all our joy. And it hasn’t. Things started looking up again, and we’re still set to close when we should.

Even through the chaos, I still am grateful for the fact that we’ve been able to go through the building process and will have a really beautiful home for our kids.

I think even the fact that I have kids makes them bitter.

Well, another day another hater I guess.


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We’re building a house, and it’s so f*cking exciting. I literally wake up thinking about it. The cabinets were being installed yesterday and I nearly lost my shit. I can’t wait to go back and see them actually put in. And the sad part, my sales counselor didn’t even know they were delivered. She told… Continue reading Cabinets

Information Overload.

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Sometimes I feel like I am just so overwhelmed with information. It’s like every time I get ‘stuck’ or have a hard time with something, I try to find the solution online somewhere. I have a feeling I’m not the only one, but it’s hard to think beyond that. Take sleep training the kids, for… Continue reading Information Overload.

Crazy Stupid Bromance Review

I finally finished Crazy, Stupid Bromance by Lyssa Kay Adams. It was just as good as the first 2 books! This one was about the love story between Noah and Alexis. Lyssa writes with such voice in her books; it’s hard not to visualize everything as a movie while you’re reading it. Seriously, from the… Continue reading Crazy Stupid Bromance Review

I Got Wasted The Other Day

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I’m not even going to lie, I was messed up. Like bad. I could hardly walk the next day I was so hungover lmao so what had happened was… I was supposed to go out with some gal pals, but we rescheduled for another day, cool. I was already getting dressed, so I told my… Continue reading I Got Wasted The Other Day

A New Flag for America

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Macy Gray thinks we need a new flag for America to ‘represent all of us’. This comes after President Joe Biden aka Money Bag Joe, signed Juneteenth into law as a federal holiday. Yeah, you read that right! Finally, after all these years, it’s a federal holiday! Check out the article from NME about Macy… Continue reading A New Flag for America

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I’m Almost at 100 Rides on Peloton!

Ok, this may not be a big deal to you, but I am absolutely freaking out right now! I have completed 96 rides on my Peloton bike. I SAID NINETY-SIX RIDES!! When I first started my Peloton journey, I really thought I was going to ride for about 3 months, lose a ton of weight… Continue reading I’m Almost at 100 Rides on Peloton!

Bringing Back The Music

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Confession:I haven’t been making music nearly as much as I used to. In fact, music’s role in my life has been diminished to Spotify listening and watching The Voice. [hopefully you watch The Voice and feel me on that one] It’s a shitty thing to have to admit that something you’re so-called passionate about is… Continue reading Bringing Back The Music

Where I stand

It shouldn’t surprise me anymore, but it always does, when people ask me for something waaaay out of their jurisdiction. I don’t ask people for much, if anything at all. Maybe a “can you pick this up for me cause I don’t have time to get it” or something like that. But people find themselves… Continue reading Where I stand

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