6lack Concert – 12.15.2018

One of my best friends told me a few months ago that she got tickets to the 6lack concert: East Atlanta Love Letter. FRIEND DATE! I hadn't really listened to his music until she mentioned him, so I downloaded the album on good ol' Spotify and listened to it. It wasn't bad! I wasn't emotionally … Continue reading 6lack Concert – 12.15.2018


Don’t Strain

When I was a kid, my mom used to always tell me Don't strain your eyes by reading in the dark, turn on some light!I of course would do what she said and then on the light. It always amazed me how much easier and relieving it was to have the light on. I feel … Continue reading Don’t Strain

PLANTS! And home decor.

I'm obsessed with fake plants and decorating with them! I need to find a place that has them on sale; those suckers are expensive. I guess because it will never 'die', so they charge for the longevity of the product.  But damn! Super cute tabletop plants that really could fit any room decor! Anyone know … Continue reading PLANTS! And home decor.

Influencer’s Nostalgia

We strive to be such perfect beings Constantly looking but never seeing Convoluted, diluted, polluted Instituted, muted, and rooted How did we get here and where are going Everybody is the captain without knowing Take the perfect picture with the perfect caption A chill day at the beach or something with a little more action … Continue reading Influencer’s Nostalgia

Listen 2 This: “Catch My Vibe” – Beacon Light ft Tommy Royale

"Sometimes I just turn my music loud. Rollin through your town with my windows down..." https://open.spotify.com/track/56Orv9bRGqgQxtVvkxjVud?si=QSXlwe_QTuLwimK1bicJw Is it too early to blast Jesus music? NAAAAAH! The first time I heard "Catch My Vibe", I had to check what radio station I was listening to. Of course I jam 97.9 and 93.7, but my main squeeze … Continue reading Listen 2 This: “Catch My Vibe” – Beacon Light ft Tommy Royale

A Chocolate Sasquatch Morning

Woke up this morning looking like a fuckin alien. Typical. I hit the snooze like 4 times, and each time I closed my eyes afterwards, I thought about what I was going to wear. I go in the closet and look for that blue dress. I find it and it has a spot on it, like … Continue reading A Chocolate Sasquatch Morning

But Like, Why?

Why are there so many people deciding to just pop up and pop off? My mom sent a message in our fam group text last night - Let's pause and acknowledge how amazing family group texts are. Especially mine! We're weird creatures of life and it's allll captured in this private little story amongst ourselves! … Continue reading But Like, Why?