Black Super Hero

Saturday night and I’m jammin to some Flocka when it hit me.

where are all the black superheroes?

They’re not as popular as Superman and The Flash and what not. But they exist! I Googled it of course and wikipedia has a freakin page that lists all the Black superheroes lol not as trivial of a subject I guess

[Hard in Da Paint just came on. I’m crunk as hell lol]

So I went down the list right. and of course I don’t know any of these characters!! haha They’re purely comic book characters. None that have been featured in a movie like Speedermahn (Spiderman pronounced with a hispanic accent. was on Family Guy I think haha)

[“Waka Flocka Flame one hood ass nigga”]

I just thought I would share with yall my thoughts of where all the colored heroes are hiding 😛

Click HERE for the list

I’m sure I’ll update later tonight. Who knows.



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