The Way I Love You

The Way I Love You

Hot air balloon with no basket
Cart with no wheels
Computer with no buttons
Salesman with no deals
Tv with no channels
Chair with no legs
Spoon with no handle
Carton with no eggs
Pencil with no lead
Oven with no heat
Cloud with no sky
Road with no street
Falling with no destination
Dancing to no song
Eating with no food
Correcting what’s not wrong
Watching with no eyes
Feeling with no hands
Driving with no car
Conquering with no lands
That’s the way
That’s the way I love you
 ©Ashley Dixon
In a world where hatred and violence has become such an accepted way of life, it’s good to find someone you can talk to and furthermore, someone to love. All the unrest in the Middle East and even within our own country has given us all troubles and discomfort. Whether it pisses you off or breaks your heart, find comfort in someone. Unconditional love doesn’t have to be the “i’m falling head over heels and want to have you children right now“. It can be a best friend who you know you can call even though yall haven’t spoken to each other in a while. Or the person you talk to everyday because you feel a certain security with them. For me, I find love not only in the people who can actually understand me as a person, but I also love those who can admit that they don’t really understand me at all yet they still accept me. Understanding and accepting are two different things. Someone who does both, pfft, that’s golden. 

So yeah, that poem was basically a form of expression of love. Unconventionally. Expressing the way I love as something that doesn’t quite make sense. Being able to do it somehow even through difficult situations. You still know what a car is even though it doesn’t have wheels and you know what a hot air balloon is even though it doesn’t have a basket. You just don’t know what to call it them. But you know it’s there, it exists. Very much real
Happy Friday everyone.

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