another day

just like any other day. music, procrastination, and studying.

except today, i got super super organized. typed. printed. hole-punched. the works

just though i’d share that with yall




Losing one and gaining another-
     I found a sense of relief today
I was reminded that plain words have no meaning, yet it’s the conviction and valor that is served with it that makes it worth while. No matter how much I hope for that to be false, it won’t change anything. I’m just stuck in this harsh reality that unfortunately is my life. Not that my life is unfortunate, just the situation is questionable…

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You know what I also realized? I like to be in control of every situation at all times. I feel so out of it if I’m not in control at all. Even if I don’t hold all the power, I need some type of authority. Is that a bad thing? No. Hell no. I think everyone in the world likes to be in control all the time as well, but everyone is just afraid to say it. Admit it. Tell society to kiss your ass and do what you want to do. I do. Well, when I can. Due to school and rules and such, it doesn’t make it that easy. But when you can, stop being such a damn follower and do what you want. No one succeeds in the shadows of another man.


These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things

hey, you know what my all time favorite thing in the world is? People pretending to be dependable and then when you need them, they’re not there. Oh wait, I’m pretty sure that’s some people’s definition of a friend. Damn. Wish I would’ve realized that one a long time ago. Oh OH OH and you know what else I just die for? People who don’t know how to say no. Instead they’ll say ok or fine and as the word comes out their mouth, you see twitching and their skin turns blue. it’s great. i love it. so much. and then they catch a stank attitude with you when they couldve just said no! that’s the best part.