So first get your minds out the gutter.

ok now. what do you do while in the shower?? i read all the labels in all the languages on there lol it sounds silly but it’s perfect for when i have to wait the 2 minutes for stuff to sit in my hair.
i guess that’s why my hair is so conditioned haha takes me forever.

funny thought for the night.
you’re welcome




drone of sleeping bodies
no thoughts of now
remembering the past
pretending the future
so dark the night
surrender to it
let your body be real
and thrive in the gloom
let the shadows bathe your
sinful filthy skin
let the stars shine in your
dreadful lying eyes
let the moon hypnotize your
ill-fated soul
oh, the taste of night
the thrill of its constancy
you can escape for now


what would you think if i told you i dont think we should just be rejoicing for osama’s death? why is it that we cheer for death? catharsis. plain and simple, catharsis. since he supposedly was in charge of the people who took the lives of loved ones on 9/11 then his death should be celebrated? i’m honestly sick of hearing about it. it happened, its over, so lets get over it and get ready for the shit that might happen now. just like we sought catharsis on bin laden, the whole fuckin al qaeda is going to seek revenge on US. and what of our soldiers? of course theyre not going to be returned right away. there will still be some reason for them to stay over there. like i said before, just because the leader is dead doesnt mean that all terror has just disappeared.

in other news…

i’m broke yet again lol and can’t wait for summer so i can work. i want to do anything except read another textbook and study! it’s finals time…last couple days. let the all nighters begin


Osama Bin Laden – Dead

And there you have it ladies and gentlemen. He is dead.
So what does this mean for us? soldiers get to come home? someone else takes his place? an even bigger war now?
i cant seem to bring myself to rejoice. I still feel like we are on the brink of something big and terrible. but besides that. here’s a link.

Osama bin Laden is dead – CBS News

but here’s my thing: they are saying everything is all gravy now because he was the founder of al Qaeda but the founder of Crips and Bloods are dead too and they still exist…you can’t kill an idea. you can’t control beliefs.