what would you think if i told you i dont think we should just be rejoicing for osama’s death? why is it that we cheer for death? catharsis. plain and simple, catharsis. since he supposedly was in charge of the people who took the lives of loved ones on 9/11 then his death should be celebrated? i’m honestly sick of hearing about it. it happened, its over, so lets get over it and get ready for the shit that might happen now. just like we sought catharsis on bin laden, the whole fuckin al qaeda is going to seek revenge on US. and what of our soldiers? of course theyre not going to be returned right away. there will still be some reason for them to stay over there. like i said before, just because the leader is dead doesnt mean that all terror has just disappeared.

in other news…

i’m broke yet again lol and can’t wait for summer so i can work. i want to do anything except read another textbook and study! it’s finals time…last couple days. let the all nighters begin



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