what hurts the most

deep sigh, not of relief
grief knows no boundaries
truth be told, but never heard
here we are again

lying with ease
caring only about keeping appearances
blaming all the world
every time.

and them,
their scent of dishonesty lingering
amnesia playing the role of scapegoat
no compassion in years
too long.

and me,
accepting it all with delicacy
because I know it will happen again
not knowing when I have had enough
only comfort is knowing that it’s over for now.


oh baby!

get this –

16 pound baby was born in texas…

we mean what we say

everything’s bigger in TX!


computer guru

dear computer guru,

i wish you would’ve stopped by today and magically made my wifi start working. Stop helping Bill Gates and Mark Zuck for crying out loud!



here i go again

i often come up with cool ideas … and often i leave them be for some genius to come along and develop it better than i could have.

but for now, i’ll indulge….


just watched the social network and man mark, you’re one screwed up guy




I was on Google and I saw there’s this +1 thing you can do and it’s on every freaking website now.

Not quite sure how I feel about it but for now I think it’s overkill.
people are trying to do too much with the internet..