No I’m Not Bilingual

So here’s the deal,
I’m a student at #UMiami, so that means i’m either
#1 broke as hell
#2 rich as hell
Unfortunately for me, I fall under the category of BROKE AS HELL.
So when people don’t have money, they either
#1 steal/bum off others/ live off parents
#2 find a job
I’m trying to do number 2 and find a job but I’ve run into 2 particular problems.
#1 I’m not bilingual
#2 I don’t have “experience”

So let’s take #1, not bilingual.
I mean exactly what I say people, I’m not! And what sucks about this is the fact that I’m living in Miami therefore Cuba, and I don’t know enough Spanish to say I’m bilingual.
Would you rather me lie?
I mean I know enough to get by and everything but not FLUENT. More than half the jobs I’ve applied to require you to be bilingual aka FLUENT in both Spanish and English.
I’m no racist, hell, I’m Black. I’m just frustrated that the majority of jobs that I’m actually eligible to work at keep turning me down because I’m not fluent in Spanish. So to solve this particular problem, I’m going to speak Spanish more until eventually I can consider myself fluent.
Now problemo numero dos (ah, see, starting already) is that I don’t have “experience”. Now I say experience with quotes because it just depends on what kind of experience their looking for. I mean I have filed papers and what not for my mom a few summers ago and was a program manager for a company where people put on their own live internet Tv shows, and I worked for #BookXChange buying back books. But none of that matters when you’re applying for a job at CVS or a receptionist job. They want you to have specific experience as a receptionist. BUT I CAN’T GET EXPERIENCE AS A RECEPTIONIST IF NONE YOU HIRE ME!
So there you have it: my vicious cycle of crap. Quite annoying but I’m finding ways to get through it.
I guess mama is just going to have to take care of me for a little while longer…


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