Hands & Knees

Weak with pain
Unsure about the future
All we have is faith
Unless you don’t Believe

Surrounded by negativity
Unable to crawl out this abyss
Terror-stricken and panicked by the past
Hoping for a fruitful future

Surely Goodness will prevail
And temptations will be resisted
But until then
We fall to our hands and knees

“We cannot know what prayer is for until we know that life is war.” John Piper


And What Will They Say About You Behind Closed Doors

Unexpectedly cruel
No sustenance behind their words
Objecting every rule
They’re girls

When I was in middle school, everyone considered me to be an amiable and understanding person. That equated to being stepped on and not having a voice. So as I got older, not only did I grow into my maturing body, I grew into my thoughts. My words. My ideas. My opinion. My demeanor changed and no longer do I take the warm cozy seat on the sidelines like the vast majority of people, let alone women, do.

I yell if I’m angry and cry if distraught. 
I smile if I’m happy and don’t when I’m not.

Don’t confuse strength with aggression. Don’t confuse my willingness to tell you about your flaws with me being a bitch. I’d rather you hate me and respect me than lie and act sweet in my face and stab me in the back. Where’s the friendship in that?


And yes I mentioned women. As a growing Black woman, I’m learning the mechanics of truth. Honesty is a virtue that not everyone is blessed with. I’m also learning I can’t win it all.

It takes twice as much strength to admit defeat than to win the gold.

We All Know What Today Is

It’s inevitable that there’s going to be posts about 4/20 all over #Facebook and #Twitter.
Some of you won’t even know why. Others, don’t care why. It’s just a reason to do the thing you do every  other day anyway! In any case, I wish you all a happy day and have fun wit yo bad selves! Life’s too short to be taken seriously ALL the time. & who am I to judge others for what they do? Exactly. I can’t. Even though I’m not taking part in this holiday, I’m not going to bash it for all those who want to celebrate. There’s not that many things in life for some people to look forward to anyway, so when you take the little things away, there’s nothing to hope for. May sound drastic to you, but I know for some, hell for many, it’s the truth. If cops can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it, where’s the justice in arresting Joe Schmoe for the little piece of happiness he gets out of today? In the words of the #Beatles, LET IT BE.

Besides, it’s not like Joe Schmoe killed a 17 year old boy or anything…

Have a good one


Dragonball Z
Zoom – or should I say Zuboom?
Keenen and Kel
Powerpuff girls
Hey Doug
Pinky and the Brain

Great times. Great shows. Great childhood.
You children with your iPads and nonsense, you should feel sad. But you don’t; you don’t know what a diluted world you live in. Not saying it’s your fault, hell it’s our fault. Ya live ya learn.


Penny For Your Thoughts & A Bottle For Your Time

What if,
     beer was currency?
             “I’ll pay you two Bud Lights for a back massage”

What if,
     beer could be personalized when you bought it?
             “I’d like a hot fudge sundae beer please with extra nuts and whipped cream”

What if,
     beer was the only liquid left on Earth to drink?
            Would ‘sober’ be the new ‘drunk’?

Awesome picture.
A penny for your thoughts and a bottle for your time.


Sunlight Over Me No Matter What I Do

It’s a frail society
Full of anxiety
Watching the sun fall down
And without warning
There is no morning
No people left in town
There are no questions
In life’s lessons
Just answers to our fears
So we lay
And some pray
To wash away the tears
“Sunlight over me no matter what I do” – The Shrine / An Argument by Fleet Foxes

It’s my Relationship with Tumblr

Although I haven’t been spilling my brain over Blogger, I’ve been subtly doing so on my Twitter and Tumblr. As soon as I get more acquainted with some plugins for Tumblr, I’ll sure double post things here and there. Tumblr is more for my pictures and THIS, well, this is more for my chaotic thoughts to be hurriedly typed before I forget what I’m mad or happy about!

One thing hasn’t changed since last time.
               I’m still BROKE.