We All Know What Today Is

It’s inevitable that there’s going to be posts about 4/20 all over #Facebook and #Twitter.
Some of you won’t even know why. Others, don’t care why. It’s just a reason to do the thing you do every  other day anyway! In any case, I wish you all a happy day and have fun wit yo bad selves! Life’s too short to be taken seriously ALL the time. & who am I to judge others for what they do? Exactly. I can’t. Even though I’m not taking part in this holiday, I’m not going to bash it for all those who want to celebrate. There’s not that many things in life for some people to look forward to anyway, so when you take the little things away, there’s nothing to hope for. May sound drastic to you, but I know for some, hell for many, it’s the truth. If cops can do whatever the hell they want and get away with it, where’s the justice in arresting Joe Schmoe for the little piece of happiness he gets out of today? In the words of the #Beatles, LET IT BE.

Besides, it’s not like Joe Schmoe killed a 17 year old boy or anything…

Have a good one


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