What Am I Doing In College…

Ever ask yourself that sometimes? Haha. If you’re not a college student, this post isn’t for you (unless you want to see what you’ll get yourself into if you decide to conform to the ideals that everyone needs a college degree to be successful).

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t really have any expectations with college, but once I got here (Univ. of Miami), I was pleased. But then first semester ended and I experienced what college finals were like.
Now, I had seen an episode of True Life about these college kids going nuts studying for finals, taking drugs and crap. I was like “dang, that can’t be real! People don’t  just take (**insert drug of choice here) like that!”

But sadly, it’s true.
     We go apeshit.

I personally have not (and sure as hell will not) resort to drugs to help me get through finals. Unless you count caffeine as a drug, in that case, I’m one heck of an abuser. But really though, it’s tough haha.
It’s like, you go through the semester thinking “Oh this is easy, I understand ALL of this, finals are going to be CAKE”. And then you start studying for your test and you’re literally re-teaching yourself everything! How does that happen?! Hahaha amazing.

Besides our temporary memory loss when studying, we can’t seem to retain SHIT after finals either. Even if I understood the material, studied weeks in advance; after I take the test, it’s gone. Floats away like a freakin’ lost balloon. No idea where it goes, I just know it isn’t in my index of knowledge anymore.

And the times of tests, that’s another buzz-kill haha. You study and then by the time you think you actually understand it (or the copious amounts of caffeine have tricked you into thinking so), you have about 20 minutes before your final because it starts at the crack of dawn. And then of course the temporary memory loss before the final itself happens sometimes.

Besides finals, there’s the issue of actually attending class during the semester, haha. Some of you probably think I’m a lazy ass, but get it straight, I make A’s. I’m just saying…it gets tough!

Funny thing is, I only have one final and one paper this semester! But it’s the paper that’s killing me.
It’s so hard to actually START the paper hahaha. Shit…

Alright, enough procrastination for me, I guess. I wish my paper was blog entries, then I’d wreck that shit haha.


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