I’m Afraid

Being foolish is knowing all the right answers but choosing the wrong one.
Being scared is having the courage to admit you’re afraid.

Beneath my brown skin lies flesh and bone
My blood runs pure, untainted by hate
Through my eyes, I stand alone
In this world, country, state
It frightens me that I am convinced
That truly only through death
Will our worst sins be rinsed
And we escape freely with our last breath
Secretly, we wait and hope
That when that day comes, we’ll be ready
And that our loved ones will manage to cope
And their trembling hands will once again steady

It sickens me to tears
To admit that of death, I am afraid
Because through my teachings of the years
It should be through God that I am saved
I should fear not the closing of my eyes
Or the leaving behind of this land
But embarrassingly to my demise
I can’t, I just can’t understand
How I am to be comforted by the unknown
To be happy about what lies ahead
All I know is what I’ve been shown
And that’s the fact that you live and then you are dead
I prefer not to be a pessimist
I’m merely speaking with my soul
And the true statement is this:
Getting to heaven is my goal
I know you may think me crazy
And that I have hit my head
But no, my memory isn’t hazy
I remember what I just said
I admit that I am afraid
Of what will happen later on in my existence
But because of all the times I have prayed
I accept faith with no resistance
Yes I have questions and am concerned
But with God my faith has stayed
And He’s taught me one of the greatest lessons I’ve learned:
Being scared is having the courage to admit you’re afraid


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