You Mad Bro?

I think women are too emotional. Lol. But really. I find myself getting upset about dumb things or getting overly excited about something that’s not a big deal. Isn’t this scientifically proven that we’re too emotional? That’s not fair…

I don’t want to be angry all the time or over-analyzing EVERYTHING. It’s tiring! Ha. Ladies, if you’re reading this, don’t get offensive. In fact, you probably agree with me. It’s tiring huh?

And men, don’t think this is an open invitation to just rag on us all the time and be all “I told you so”.
No matter what, we will always hate when you tell us anything of the sort. So just smile and carry on with your day…

I’m just saying..I’m tired of trying to read people’s minds and figure out what they mean when they talk to me. Not saying that it’s my duty to try and figure them out, just stop being so damn cryptic. Are you angry? Say you’re angry. You mad bro? Say hell yea then! Lol.



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