Batman Movie Massacre

It’s crazy, I used to think I was just being superstitious when I would think of something like that happening.

Mr james holmes thinks he’s the joke and he waltzes in the theatre to kill innocent people. Truly unheard of.

I hope those of you who were effected by the shooting can find peace with whatever you believe in. Just hold on to memories and remember that time still moves even when mourning, and with every second, you get a little stronger.

Baby steps.

I hope that for the sake of humanity, we see this as a sign that we need to look out for each other rather than fight and kill for no reason.

They are calling him a psychopath. They say he was unstable to begin with. What country do we live in where a psychopath can legally purchase an array of heavy duty guns? What kind of teachers are we to not know our students to know something isn’t quite right with them and they need help? And if he was getting help, what kind of friends and family are we to not keep a watchful eye on the ones we love who need our attention and care?

I’m not blaming anyone or saying we suck as people! Just giving some food for thought.

A little snack.

I, like many hopeful wishers and dreamers, long for peace.
Peace between countries
Peace between Americans
Between states
And within ourselves.

Just makes me sad…..

The world can be better if we want it to be.

True or False?


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