All Movie’d Out

Due to tropical storm Issac, I got some extra time to lounge around and watch movies all day. I’ve seen just about all the movies that I wanted to see. If you’ve got the time, go see one or two of these (not ranked in any particular order):

1. One for the Money – It was cute and very closely resembled The Bounty Hunter with Jen Aniston and Gerard Butler. But it’s worth a watch! You can even watch it on Youtube.

One for the Money

2. The Dark Knight Rises – I was a bit nervous going to see this movie after the massacre happened but it was definitely worth getting the guts to go. Must see!


3. Gossip Girl –  Alright alright, I know this isn’t a movie but I read the books when I was younger and fell into the series when it came out. It’s interesting even if you don’t have a taste for this kind of tv. It will keep you entertained nonetheless.


4. Think Like a Man – Super funny and I did have laugh out loud moments. Hard to get me to do!


5. BRAVE – I love animations and this one was cute with a nice moral 🙂

Watch Brave


6. Legend of the Guardians – Again, another animation, but this one isn’t given enough credit. There’s something about it that kept my face glued to the screen. You try!


7. Battleship – I thought this movie was going to suck, BUT it pleasantly surprised me. Some good action and suspense. Well worth a watch!

Watch Battleship


Well, that should keep you entertained for a day…lol


A Blurb

In between the yelling
and fictitious story telling
I remind myself of good times

After the spilled milk
and lovely trip with guilt
You’ll eventually sympathize


I Used to Think they were Liars

So, you know how people are always saying

“oh SWEETIEPIE, you CHOOSE to be happy!” and “Things will get better!” or “It’s not that bad!”

Well, I’m still having a hard time trying to swallow that last one.
But my point is, they’re right. I guess.
Look, I’ve probably been in every bad situation you can think of [except getting addicted to drugs or going to jail, or getting beat up, or being robbed…well hell, you get what I mean] and I end up coming out of the depressing funk at some point. So why do we have to wait? Well, you don’t. This isn’t meant to be some oh life is awesome, love everyone, things are perfect and smile everyday kind of post. This is some real shit! lol

My mom would tell me not to worry about things because there’s no point. She also says to take Nyquil during the day when you’re sick; you shouldn’t have to be awake through you’re sickness, there’s no point. hahaha I love my mom… what was I talking about?…

HAPPINESS. Yeah, that. It actually is a choice I guess. Why do I pick to drink Kool Aid instead of water? Because it tastes SO much better and it makes me happy. If you think about it in that perspective, essentially we do choose to be happy. Not saying to fake a smile or squeeze out a laugh, rather just take the right steps to make you happy if you’re feeling in the dumps.

I know a couple people who could use a little uplifting, that’s why I wrote this post…just friendly advice.

Oh and hugs. Ask for as many hugs as possible. But that’s just me. Just saying…