All Movie’d Out

Due to tropical storm Issac, I got some extra time to lounge around and watch movies all day. I’ve seen just about all the movies that I wanted to see. If you’ve got the time, go see one or two of these (not ranked in any particular order):

1. One for the Money – It was cute and very closely resembled The Bounty Hunter with Jen Aniston and Gerard Butler. But it’s worth a watch! You can even watch it on Youtube.

One for the Money

2. The Dark Knight Rises – I was a bit nervous going to see this movie after the massacre happened but it was definitely worth getting the guts to go. Must see!


3. Gossip Girl –  Alright alright, I know this isn’t a movie but I read the books when I was younger and fell into the series when it came out. It’s interesting even if you don’t have a taste for this kind of tv. It will keep you entertained nonetheless.


4. Think Like a Man – Super funny and I did have laugh out loud moments. Hard to get me to do!


5. BRAVE – I love animations and this one was cute with a nice moral 🙂

Watch Brave


6. Legend of the Guardians – Again, another animation, but this one isn’t given enough credit. There’s something about it that kept my face glued to the screen. You try!


7. Battleship – I thought this movie was going to suck, BUT it pleasantly surprised me. Some good action and suspense. Well worth a watch!

Watch Battleship


Well, that should keep you entertained for a day…lol


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