The week was long. Hurt a lot. Refreshing nonetheless.

You never know what it’s going to feel like to end your relationship until(if) it happens. Almost 5 years of being with someone and caring for them more than you cared about yourself. And then they turn and say you don’t seem like you care and you should have done this and that, and “so-and-so” ‘s relationship is great because they do this.

They’ve been dating for only a fraction of the time we have(had) been. Of course they’re going to have a different relationship than us! They don’t know what it’s like!

The guy you loved and cared for is no longer just that. He has changed and so have you, but rather than grow up together, you grow apart. Distracted by other people’s relationships and temptations, he ends it.

Thank goodness for fashionable outings with your girlfriends to remind you that you’re worth while to someone.