As I bent down …

As I bent down to turn on the shower, it hit me. No literally, when I raised up, I smashed my head on my cabinet and it hurt like hell. I thought “screw this shower! why am i even in here?! ahhh!!….because I like to smell good” and here I am, clean as a whistle.We […]


Did Cavemen Rave?


Wait, so did cavemen rave? 

Was there music back then? If so, did they like, dance? Lol.
I’m thinking I should put together a caveman rave party. 
Complete with rags for clothes and big sticks and the wheel.

Speaking of rave, have you ever seen Molly?
 – I have not. 

I don’t discriminate or judge the way you choose to experience your music! 

This was just some random thought during a late dinner. Lol. Yea…


Uhh, I think I may try vlogging?

This does NOT mean I will no longer blog here. I merely will be blessing you with my visual presence. May give this a try for a while. A lot of things I have to say are better said instead of typed. Loses the enthusiasm. BECAUSE NO ONE WANTS TO READ THIS ALL DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lolz.  <–gay






she tried to run away

but with the weight of the world on her shoulder

instead fell on her knees to pray

and the pain was soon over