As I bent down …

As I bent down to turn on the shower, it hit me.

No literally, when I raised up, I smashed my head on my cabinet and it hurt like hell.

I thought “screw this shower! why am i even in here?! ahhh!!….because I like to smell good” and here I am, clean as a whistle.
We take showers because we don’t want other people to smell us or because we ourselves want to be clean? Because society told us that cleanliness is next to godliness? What does that even mean!

That was a stretch, but my point is, I feel that way about other things. Why am I in college? Because that’s what I’m supposed to do or because I want a piece of paper that says I spent another 4 years at an academic institution and am in thousands of dollars of debt? It’s actually a combination of the two but rather than just my degree, it’s the experience I want. That’s why I’m here in college.

Why do I wear makeup? Because I think it’s fun to apply. I think I’m perfectly appealing without a single drop of makeup on my face, but it is fun to change it up every once in a while. Add a little color here and there. Why do we get haircuts? Efficiency? Style? Mom said so?

That’s the simple stuff.

Why do we stay in a relationship for years when we aren’t happy for most of it? For the sake of the other person? Are we confused as to why we aren’t happy, so we stay longer to try and figure it out or change it? I stay in relationships because I want to be with that person. So I would hope that they too felt the same way. But once that feeling is gone, what do you have left to keep you there? Nothing.

But you stay.

It’s complicated, nonetheless. As a human race, we are crazy. Really. I think the definition of crazy is doing things without knowing why. Or part of it at least.

It’s funny. Maybe you should think about the everyday trivial things you do and ask yourself why you do them. For many the answer will be to survive. But beyond that, what can we expect our answers to be?
“Because we want to”? Yea but why do we want to, that’s what I want to know. Maybe I should go into psychology…haha…



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