That Feel Good Stuff. Oh and Voting

Ever hear one of those songs that just make you happy and want to smile and possibly high-five everyone? That’s what Florence + the Machine’s song “Never Let Me Go” does for me. It’s freaking amazing and I feel so invigorated after listening to it. It’s weird but I can admit it. Alicia Keys’s “Superwoman” is also a powerful one. It’s hard to listen to it without wanting to jump off a building IN A GOOD WAY because you feel like a freakin superwoman, duh. I groove to both of these songs in public. Currently in the library listening to them and bobbin my head without a single care haha. People would think me weird if they didn’t know me. If they know me, they already are assured that I am weird, so this simple silent jamming (silent due to the fact that I’m wearing headphones and am the only one experiencing eargasms) is elementary crazytalk.

So I voted for the first time today and I think people are repulsive if they can’t get up and go vote. I don’t care who you vote for (I mean I do but you know what I mean), just go vote dammit! Especially my fellow Chocolate people: too many people have died for our right to vote, so you sitting around and not going to vote is a slap in the face to our ancestors. EVERYone should go vote. I never though I would be such an advocate for it, but the older I get, the more I realize we, as citizens, can take control of certain things if we just stopped being lazy and put a little effort and brain power. Anyhow. I voted and I’m happy and am nervous to see the results.

Happy Election Day.


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