Class vs Food

I think we can all agree here: food trumps class.

The wonderful world of Tuesdays consists of class from 2 – 6:15 pm and rehearsal from 6:25- 7:40pm. I powered through until about 5 oclock before my stomach punched me in the face. I surrendered and threw up the white flag as I quietly slipped out of class and into the food court.


Wendy’s 10pc nugget saved my soul today. Thank you Wendy. And to my professor, I’m sorry. I know you wanted to teach me some brilliant things in that CIS class, but you and I both know the only think I would have been paying attention to was the grumble in my belly. I’ve learned, though. If the last time I eat is 11am, then  I need to pack a lunch for the rest of the day! …or, I could just never go to class….lol jk jk brown paper bag it is.


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