Late Night Thoughts

hahaha I thought I was done for the day, but wait, I’ve got some good shit.

2 things:

1. Why do all the people who park in the handicapped spots park better than those who aren’t in handicap spots? LOL I mean seriously, have you looked? Maybe it’s just the cars I’ve happen to see, but man. It’s just…ironically funny. Handicap parkers are neat and in the lines and straight. Everyone else is like “welp! I’m gonna be a douche and double park and leave the butt of my car hanging out for everyone to hit!!” It’s funny to me..

2. Have you seen pretty little liars? It’s a tv show on abcfamily. I really don’t want to watch it but, sweet Magdalene, every 5 seconds there is a twist in the plot and someone is pregnant and someone else had a baby and hid it from the baby-daddy for 7 years and someone else is talking to people she shouldn’t talk to, and someone finds a spiral with notes in it with secret stuff and pictures. And that’s only half of it! It’s rachet lol

Alright, yall leave me alone and stop asking me to spew my thoughts. I have class at 8 in the morning which means I have to be up by 10am…wait…hahaha


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