Poor Monday, such low self-esteem

It’s hard to describe how unhappy I am about tomorrow. It’s Monday. No one likes Monday. Must suck to be Monday. Probably has a low self esteem, especially compared to the highly adored Friday!!

My favorite day of the week has always been Wednesday. Friday is fun, but it’s no different than Saturday or Sunday, because we equate all three of those days as “the weekend”. But Wednesday is a champ, because it’s always the hardest day to reach, but when you make it to Wednesday, Hump Day, you’re almost to “the weekend”! It’s just a motivational day to my optimistic mind lol

All test should be Wednesday, because then we’d have Monday and Tuesday to get our shit together! I have a Finance test tomorrow morning (8am!) and I just now prepared for it on Sunday. Granted, I have taken a harder version of this class already and remember everything that will be on this first test, I still doubt I would have done much prior preparation if I didn’t know the material that well. haha I would want to learn it before the test, but so many other factors in life would keep me from studying on the weekend…like fun.

whatever, I’m going to wreck this test (in a good way) and celebrate by not doing any more homework for the week…lol jk


I think I’ve made my point clear. Anyhow, just drink lots of coffee, redbull and eat cinnamon buns before you start your day tomorrow. We can do this yall, we can do this.

Go Team.

#MurderMonday <–whoa lol


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