SOC101, maybe not that easy?..

Good morning folks! And above all, HAPPY FREAKIN MONDAY

Few updates:

  1. I gave up cussing for Lent.
  2. It’s unreasonably cold in Miami right now (edit: I wrote that earlier this morning, now it is a pleasant breeze)
  3. UMiami did their own rendition of the harlem shake:

So I had to take a humanities elective… I chose Sociology 101. I thought, well, I’m interested in sociology and things of that sort…well, I also think being a secret agent is cool but that’ll never happen. what the heck was I thinking? I try and participate in class, and I swear, i’m wrong every time lol. Ok well maybe not every time, but almost all things we talk about, I try and give some input, and the teacher doesn’t like it as much as she likes everyone else’s response. I have to pretend like I actually knew what I was talking about and wanted to say that…poop.




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