78 Days Until Graduation

Had my 8AM sociology class this morning and of course, I gave some input, and of course it was wrong. Well, today I wasn’t necessarily wrong, she just didn’t want to say I was right. Her response was, I quote “It depends“…

-_- Really? Why can’t you just say something like “I could see how you came up with that response. That could apply”?! Every other teacher who doesn’t want to discourage learning and participation does it. Now, I’ll just keep my mouth shut. It’s too early for someone to be telling me I’m a turd.

And on that note… haha

Ladies, you really need to tune your eyes in for a sec. I am sick and tired of hearing you thinking you’re not attractive when you clearly have something going for you. You either want my sympathy or you want me to compliment you and boost your esteem. I’m not the one to do that. You need to go pester a guy and make him do that or something, haha. But no, my point is that you all are not nearly as unattractive as you think you are. True, you may not be the prettiest lady that I’ve seen, BUT you aren’t the worst either! And that’s where optimism plays a key role, ladies and gents.

Come on guys, get your stuff together!

No one says “oh yea I love the way she hesitantly smiles at me in that awkward way…”! It’s true! Even if you are ugly, fake it. #JennaMarbles even has a video on that. And for your viewing pleasure, I don’t mind posting it for you:

It’s easy peezy.


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