Yay for not studying

Last week royally killed me with tests and even this Monday I had a test (that I completely forgot about, duh).
Well, got my grades back and killed them all! Got A’s and B’s (actually it was 88 on both tests I got a B on). So much for freaking out about not studying for my last 2 tests. This leads me to believe 2 things:

1. I am a lot smarter than I think
2. studying is overrated. lol

But really, just go to class and somewhat pay attention and I can almost guarantee you will absorb SOMETHING useful. And I’m telling you this as I sit in my CIS class NOT completely paying attention. Just once I hear something that sounds hard or that I don’t really have any clue what it is, I turn my brain back on and “learn something”.

Take that with a grain of salt though. That’s just my opinion. And well, you wouldn’t really be reading this if you didn’t care about my opinion, eh?


6 thoughts on “Yay for not studying

  1. Good for you! I understand what you are saying, but it never really works out for me in practice. I’m terrible at taking tests, so I always end up doing better when I have studied, and I am confident in knowing the information. When I don’t study, my brain goes into panic mode. I’m glad it worked out for you though. 🙂

    • Yea, I think it only works because I’m in “senior mode”, so stressing over tests isn’t so bad. Granted, I do study for them but sometimes I just don’t have the time. Then I’m like “well, let’s just see what I know!” haha and I don’t second-guess myself because I don’t have any other reasoning, and I ended up doing well. You will be fine though!

  2. I tried the no studying thing freshman year and it didn’t work out for me…probably because I was doing the not paying attention in class plan, too. haha

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