Why You Gotta Be Like That

This morning was a bit of an upset. I woke up in time for class and everything, which is rare for 8AM-ers, and moseyed on down to the shuttle stop to take me to class. I didn’t wait nearly as long as I normally have to wait for it, so I’m all in a good mood and everything! Then it stops and opens the doors and this **Chocolate (see definition below) woman is the driver. Now, there are Latin, White, and Chocolate men and women who drive our shuttles, just to be clear. So anyway,  I hop aboard and immediately say “Good morning!” to the driver. She doesn’t even look at me. I know my voice was audible and not that ‘morning-raspy-I-cant-talk’ voice because I was singing to some #FosterThePeople and #Beyoncé this morning.

So I decide to not worry about her and her ‘tude and I take a seat. I gave her the benefit of the doubt and assumed she didn’t hear me. So when I get off the shuttle at my stop, I clearly say “Thank you!” and smile at her. She just looked at me.

Here’s the problem: Every other person who got off the shuttle before me who acknowledged her got a response ranging from “you’re welcome” to “mhmm, have a nice day”.

She was so nice to all the White people and gave zero effs about me. Why do people feel like they’re entitled to making false assumptions about me being a stuck up Chocolate girl who goes to the University of Miami. I don’t wear hoochie skirts, speak ebonics, and listen to rap all day, so that makes me a disgrace to my ethnicity? It’s been going on since I was in Middle School. Teased by the Chocolate kids, telling me I’m an Oreo. People would say “you’re the whitest black girl ever”.

WTF gives you the right to say that? I’m sorry, I didn’t realize race was an action and something you do!

Needless to say, I’m tired of the ignorance in today’s society. Aren’t you?



**Chocolate: defined as a Black person in comparison to ‘chocolate’ which is a delicious sweet treat.


4 thoughts on “Why You Gotta Be Like That

  1. I get annoyed at my roommate calling all the people we work with as “dang mexicans” when they are Cuban, Puerto Rican, and all sorts of other nationalities.

  2. That’s so rude! I used to be a cashier, and I had some people come through my line that were rude like that or other cashiers that were rude to their customers. I mean, there is so much to worry about in this life, can’t we just muster up a smile and a good morning? We are all struggling against something in life. We should remember that when we speak to other people. Don’t let those rude people squash the kindness out of you. 🙂

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