The Association of Wealth and Ethnicity

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, I have my 8AM Sociology class. Somehow, my brain functions during that time, and I absorb some kind of information every once in a while. That then gets my mind going and all these thoughts get jumbled in my head, so I spit them out here (in case you were wondering where some of my more meaningful posts come from).

We were talking about deviance and theories in class today, so I’m not sure how we necessarily got on this subject, but I’m fascinated by the associations that society gives to certain ethnicities. Are you aware that some people believe studies show that us African Americans have an extra muscle behind their knee which makes us run faster than the other ethnicities? How much more absurd can you get?! You run fast because of the amount of fast-twitch muscles you have in your body, thus, being “gifted” with the ability. Also, you can train your body to develop these muscles to become faster and stronger. Why does the color of my skin give me an extra muscle than all the rest? Just because my culture has succeeded in being athletically talented does not mean we are mutants. It means we worked hard, like any other non-Black athlete.

My professor mentioned a study on letters of recommendation that was done, and it showed that people from the Asian culture had letters of recommendation that said they were hardworking and diligent. Those letters did not say innovative or creative or problem-solving. Merely hardworking and diligent. This is because their professors, as well as society as a whole, grouped Asians as a hardworking stereotype.

And wealth. I feel like we associate happiness with wealth all too often. Shouldn’t that stereotype have changed after the multitude of celebrities over-dosing on drugs and dying continues to rise? Or is it actually not that high a number of celebrity deaths and it’s only important because they were famous? The same goes with associating video game violence to creating murderers. That’s just as absurd as the extra muscle in Black people. If video game violence turns kids into killers, then everyone should watch CSPAN 24/7 so we can grow up to be politicians and presidents, because that’s a honorable profession (or is it?). I play video games all the time!

We are a peculiar species.


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