Uh Oh!!

Dear dear followers of Choco Sasquatch,

I have been a dicktwat and haven’t posted in a few days.


I’ve had concerts, papers, and cuntnuggets to deal with, so I apologize. Pleas excuse my verbiage, I’m in a bit of a sassy mood, haha. Not in the “giiirl, you bess shut you uss up!” kind of sass but the “I’m a little girl who throws rocks at you because I like you” sass. Difference.

So, I got rid of my flip phone thanks to mama and have now become an #Instagramwhore. Yes, I am chocolatesasquatch on there as well, so feel free to hop on the squatch train. But um, I’m super frickin tired and will return to blogging tomorrow.

nighty nighty, don’t let the herpes bite.


Oh, I Wish

I wish I could dance like Beyoncé and Ciara.

I wish milkshakes and meatballs was a diet plan.

I wish the saying “it’s raining cats and dogs” was literal.

I wish I had every single magic power portrayed in the movies.

I wish racism was a myth.

I wish I didn’t feel like a puddle of mud after I finish doing my Insanity workouts.

I wish there were theme songs and music to everyday scenes of my life.

I wish my clothes would wash themselves.

I wish I could record every day with my eyeballs and play it back whenever I wanted.

I wish people answered when I called them instead of texting me.

I wish being silly was the norm and rude people were cursed with incessant explosive diarrhea.

I wish getting your bachelor’s degree meant you automatically get a job.

I wish people could read my mind so I didn’t have to tell them that I don’t like them.

I wish bullies didn’t exist and all awkward kids knew that I would be their friend.

I wish I could have spent a little more time with my dad before he passed.

I wish dinosaurs were still around because I’ve got a lot of homework it could eat. [“Sorry my dinosaur ate my homework”]

I wish I got paid to do dumb things like write posts like this and put a smile on someone’s face.

I wish you continue to read my blog, comment, like, and subscribe.

I wish you obey your Sasquatch.

Typical Friday at The U [School of Music Style]

Sometimes I have sucky days, and sometimes they rock. This Friday was pretty fun. It’s SCARY AS HELL that I only have 2 weeks of school left… Then I’ll be a graduate of the Frost School of Music at the University of Miami.


Lol. I’m nervous and excited. So excited to have a piece of paper that tells me I’m not so worthless hahaha. Basically is what a degree is… Anyhow, enjoy these pictures and we’ll cry about my departure when that time comes.

These are from our bake sale this Friday.
Protecting the goodies from the sun and lake spray


Yummy Spice Cakes



They were being models haha accidentally matched colors that day


I’m the Chocolate one in the middle, duh


Mama’s Birthday and Game of Thrones

Yesterday was my mama’s birthday. She’s 53 years young and doesn’t look a day over 40. Really. Now I’m not nearly afraid to get older because I know I’m going to look damn good. Holla! lol

Anyways, she kinda went HAM and partied 2 nights in a row, so now she’s got a hangover. I gave her some college advice and told her to eat a bacon and egg sandwich. Proven cure. I see where I get my party appetite from. Like mama like daughter [I feel like I should’ve put “daughta”…meh..]

So enough of that: Effin Game of Thrones last night! Shit is about to go down in King’s Landing. Ok, first of all, I was busy right before the episode was about to start. I literally parked my car 3 minutes before showtime. I sprinted so hard up the stairs to my friend’s apartment where we have weekly gatherings to watch the show. Literally as I was climbing up the stairs, my friend calls me and is screaming at me asking me where I am. I’m like “OPEN THE DOOR JUST OPEN THE DOOR!!!!” and I turn the corner just as she opens the door. I run in, throw down my keys and fall to the floor, gasping. Everyone was laughing and proud. A few seconds later, the show comes on lol. It was a proud moment (though I realize I could have taken a bit more of a break up the stairs because we all know the beginning is just the recap of the previous episode. dammit lol)

So we watch in silence of course and, like always, we’re pissed when it goes off. Eff, I always want to just keep watching! I can’t take it having to wait!! Yet, it gives me something to look forward to at the end of the week. And this episode last night, shit is just unfolding. Bran is a Wark(sp?) and can see through animals!? And that boy he saw and his sister, way to add even MORE characters to the show; as if there weren’t enough already… Hound being captured where Aria and the others were..man. Great writing. Needless to say, I’m more than excited for the next episode. If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, I recommend you get caught up ASAP!!!

That is all.

Helloooo Out of Country People

I hardly check my stats for my blog, but today, I was moved and thought “what the hell, do it”.

So I did. And who the hell are yall in India and Russia viewing my blog?! Lol I LOVE IT! So I just wanted to take the time out to say a warm hello to yall. Thanks for reading my weirdness 😉



We’ve got Austria and Canada, too now!


Nigeria (wow, really?!), Philippines, and Chile in the house!!

Bucket List – I Need Your Help!

Ladies, gents, and all those in between,

I think it’s time that I make a bucket list. Yea?! Let’s face it; I’m about to graduate college and job hunt for a bit. Not too much to look forward to there! I want to get moving and do something! Funny thing is, I have no F’in idea what I’d put on my list! I know it’s supposed to be things that I want to do before I die, but jeez, I’m kinda drawing a blank. Help me out! Post some suggestions, share this with your other followers and have them comment as well! I’ll add it to my list (as long as it has nothing to do with spiders or sexual things– negatory)!!

I haven’t asked much of yall, until now. Obey your Sasquatch 😉