In View

If I had a chance to tell you I doubt that I would Because almost everything I say Is misunderstood You would think it's a compliment Something with good intent That's the opposite of what I meant You truly are just ignorant Your voice makes me nauseous How does it not bother anyone else I … Continue reading In View


Easter & Jerks

Yesterday was Easter! I hope all of you enjoyed huntin for eggs and throwing candy at each other, because that's what my friends and me did (we're kind of normal)!*sigh* "friends". What a weird term, eh? We use it so loosely. Yesterday, while hanging out for Easter, I had one of those "what the eff" … Continue reading Easter & Jerks

A Quick Thank You

I've been blogging since the Xanga and Myspace days, but never have I actually experienced the value of sharing thoughts with others, receiving feedback, and being a part of an online community of people who do the same. For once, I feel like there are at least a few people out there who read this … Continue reading A Quick Thank You