Easter & Jerks

Yesterday was Easter! I hope all of you enjoyed huntin for eggs and throwing candy at each other, because that’s what my friends and me did (we’re kind of normal)!

*sigh* “friends”. What a weird term, eh? We use it so loosely. Yesterday, while hanging out for Easter, I had one of those “what the eff” moments when someone said something so DUMB, I could have taken an egg and shoved it so far up his butt, he’d think he was the Easter bunny.

I mean, I’m tellin ya, people are cruel. And dumb. Very dumb.

I tried to keep my cool and ignore it, but eventually I left. No one has to stay around someone that annoys you to tears! Also, no one else likes them! haha, priceless. This brings me back to this whole concept of friends. I think a friend is someone who will be honest with you and not tell you what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. They won’t tell other people your business because they respect you and your friendship. There are probably only a handful of people in my life who think they are my friend but don’t fit that description. How do you tell someone “uh, hey buddy. I know you think we’re tight and everything but aaaaactually, I’d rather call my little sister’s imaginary friend my friend than you.”

SIDENOTE: I had an imaginary friend named Corey Deacon growing up. Those were the good ol days!

Besides that Easter incident, there have been others with different people. I always say I’m just going to not hang out with them anymore, but in the end, I come to their parties and social gatherings. Hell, I even text them sometimes. It’s a vicious cycle that needs to end. But how? Would I really rather associate with jerks and turds than just be alone?

Once again, college teaches me something about myself that I would never had pegged me as doing before. Growing. Growing up. Growing up up and away.


2 thoughts on “Easter & Jerks

  1. I totally understand what you’re going through! Sometimes you just need to step away from people. In some cases you can’t step away and have to constantly live with it. So sometimes you have to sneak away/ laugh it off (behind their back -out of pure frustration), even if it is sooo offensive. I could do with a few less family members/ or acquaintances like this.

    On the other hand, I have also made the mistake in life by distancing myself from people I absolutely love, just because I had to distance myself from other people. It’s sometimes a hard trade-off, and hopefully there will be people I will be able to reconnect with.

    Fingers crossed.

    1. It’s comforting to know that other people can relate. Though the fact that you can relate means that you have to deal with crummy situations as well; now that, that sucks 😦 But like you said, it’s a trade-off. I have met some really great people. And sometimes, when I keep my distance from the ones I’m tired of, I also am away from the ones I like, just as you said. My fingers are crossed for the both of us! 🙂

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