Relay for Life.

DSC02000 DSC02001 DSC02004 DSC02009

Volunteered at Relay for Life today with Sigma Alpha Iota (the women’s music fraternity that I’m in). Had a ton of fun …and sweets, obviously. Who do you think I am?! haha Our stand started off a bit ratchet, but we got it together and pulled it off. The theme was cities around the country and we got Seattle. We sold coffee and baked goods (like Starbucks). It was cute, but not too profitable. Anyhow, back at home of course being a lump on a rock…[how the F does the saying go? lol] What I’m trying to say is that I’m being a lazy tard and watching old school batman movies in bed. I believe Chocolate Sasquatch should be a super hero. I’d give everyone Tequila and Twinkies.

Also, the music in this movie is WAY to dramatic for the scenes, my goodness. It turns it into a comedy!

Eat cake and be merry, dammit!


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