Mama’s Birthday and Game of Thrones

Yesterday was my mama’s birthday. She’s 53 years young and doesn’t look a day over 40. Really. Now I’m not nearly afraid to get older because I know I’m going to look damn good. Holla! lol

Anyways, she kinda went HAM and partied 2 nights in a row, so now she’s got a hangover. I gave her some college advice and told her to eat a bacon and egg sandwich. Proven cure. I see where I get my party appetite from. Like mama like daughter [I feel like I should’ve put “daughta”…meh..]

So enough of that: Effin Game of Thrones last night! Shit is about to go down in King’s Landing. Ok, first of all, I was busy right before the episode was about to start. I literally parked my car 3 minutes before showtime. I sprinted so hard up the stairs to my friend’s apartment where we have weekly gatherings to watch the show. Literally as I was climbing up the stairs, my friend calls me and is screaming at me asking me where I am. I’m like “OPEN THE DOOR JUST OPEN THE DOOR!!!!” and I turn the corner just as she opens the door. I run in, throw down my keys and fall to the floor, gasping. Everyone was laughing and proud. A few seconds later, the show comes on lol. It was a proud moment (though I realize I could have taken a bit more of a break up the stairs because we all know the beginning is just the recap of the previous episode. dammit lol)

So we watch in silence of course and, like always, we’re pissed when it goes off. Eff, I always want to just keep watching! I can’t take it having to wait!! Yet, it gives me something to look forward to at the end of the week. And this episode last night, shit is just unfolding. Bran is a Wark(sp?) and can see through animals!? And that boy he saw and his sister, way to add even MORE characters to the show; as if there weren’t enough already… Hound being captured where Aria and the others Great writing. Needless to say, I’m more than excited for the next episode. If you don’t watch Game of Thrones, I recommend you get caught up ASAP!!!

That is all.

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