Uh Oh!!

Dear dear followers of Choco Sasquatch,

I have been a dicktwat and haven’t posted in a few days.


I’ve had concerts, papers, and cuntnuggets to deal with, so I apologize. Pleas excuse my verbiage, I’m in a bit of a sassy mood, haha. Not in the “giiirl, you bess shut you uss up!” kind of sass but the “I’m a little girl who throws rocks at you because I like you” sass. Difference.

So, I got rid of my flip phone thanks to mama and have now become an #Instagramwhore. Yes, I am chocolatesasquatch on there as well, so feel free to hop on the squatch train. But um, I’m super frickin tired and will return to blogging tomorrow.

nighty nighty, don’t let the herpes bite.


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