Shit shit shit


So my lovely laptop charger decided to go apeshit on me and is not working anymore. Currently blogging via my WordPress app. The things I do for y’all, the things I do…

Going to get a new one of course but until then, I’m laptopless…

Not topless


Anyhow, you know what show is hilarious as hell? Girlcode. I die every episode at some point. NICOLE BYER IS FUNNY AS SHIT.
She doesn’t know it but we’re basically best friends haha jessimae is the bees knees as well
The redhead is brilliant too. I can’t think of her name…

Watch it whether you’re a dude or a chick. It’ll help your life because everyone needs to laugh.
And I’m crackin the fuck up.


Daily Yoga Attempt #1

On my Bucket List, I have down that I want to do yoga every day for one month. That’s going to be a feat! Of course I’ll start with beginner stuff. Maybe I’ll get good and have some cool ass yoga pics for yall.

Doubtful, but possible.

What I like to do all day, errday
What I like to do all day, errday. I gotta get motivated for yoga…

I think the reason I want to do this is because yoga is praised for being so self-rewarding, and I’d love to take part in that. Just as music is rewarding for the musicians creating the music rather than just the listeners. Yoga health benefits? That’s a plus as well, but to be quite honest, I just want to do those sweet as poses! hahaha, don’t judge me.

Sidenote: What’s up new followers? No, seriously, what’s up? You can talk to me. Imagine me as the instant best friend you never had (lmao).. I don’t bite; not virtually anyway. Whether you’re a passerby who clicked follow or you actually read my random shit each day, thanks for the L.O.V.E.

Let me go stretch…hahaha



Jumper kills 5-year old girl in South Korea

I can’t believe this, but then yet again, I can. It’s truly sad how one man decided to take his own life and unknowingly took the life of a little girl. Can you imagine how fast all of that must have happened? The horror of being with your daughter and then a man literally falls from the sky and lands on top of her. Sorry for the graphic insight, but it is what it is. It’s an ugly truth, and I am terribly sorry for their loss.

I just couldn’t imagine having to deal with that. It’s one of those things you think would only happen in movies. Pretty unreal. I hope the little girl’s family has a peaceful mourning period and hope the family of the jumper doesn’t blame themselves for what happened so they too can mourn their loss.

If that doesn’t make you appreciate your life and not take things for granted,  I don’t know what will!

Link: Jumper kills 5-year old girl in South Korea.

I. Hate. Hangnails.

How does this even happen?! I mean I know how it happens, but HOW!

It’s on my middle finger and hurts like a bloody mother funker. And no, I will not pull it off. Do you do that? How?! That hurts, too, Sweet Magdalene…
Haha, I’m a little baby, give me a break. I’d say my only options are to wait until it falls off or cut it off with nail clippers, but I haven’t the slightest idea where my clippers are.
My least favorite part is when it gets caught in my clothes and my hair. It’s literally bleeding right now. Well, if you can call a little spot of blood bleeding…

Hope you’re enjoying the posts. I don’t know how the hell I’ve gotten this many followers. Not complaining. I’m thankful. Keep commenting and I’ll keep being a fucktard.