You’re Not The Shit Nor Do You Know Everything

You want to know what my favorite thing is? And by favorite, I mean I want to cunt punt every human who does this…

My favorite thing is when people ask me about school and what I’m majoring in and then ask me what I want to do with my music business degree; I then tell them I want to go into artist management and they then proceed to tell me I’m doing the wrong thing, going into a lost cause, will never be successful because it’s so hard, yadda yadda yadda.

“Fuckin shut up” is my response. You don’t think I know it’s hard? You don’t think I spent 4 YEARS in COLLEGE to learn the ins and outs of the industry as well as interned for the largest fucking talent agency in the world (since I’m interested in talent agent career as well) and didn’t learn anything? Just because you have worked with some washed up artist who had maybe one successful collab with a half-known artist doesn’t make you Diddy, you dicktwat. I am just livid. I cannot stand people who think they know everything about the industry. If you know so much, why don’t you save it? Save the industry! Make all its problems disappear with all that knowledge of yours.

These people probably have no damn idea what hard work, sacrifice, networking and intelligence is and how far it can go. I have that. I live that. And that’s why it will make me feel just that much more accomplished when I’m living happily and have a successful music business career. These silly cunts think being a producer is the only job in the industry to be had and that every Jane Doe can be a producer.

Do us all a favor and casually trip down a flight of stairs. Or maybe even get clotheslined by a spiked rod to impair your vocals so you can’t talk anymore. Fuckin skeez.


2 thoughts on “You’re Not The Shit Nor Do You Know Everything

  1. *Pat pat* I think everyone has that stage when everyone’s annoying like that!

    Yeah it happens to me too. Or my sis. It really sucks for her. They’ve been like that for 6 years. She has a degree in computer engineering then did a post grad for web development. Blank stares. Then people would say (because it was tax season earlier) “are you working??? You should be working in taxes. They get a lot of business”… It sucks. But we gotta go through it…although you really do want to scream at them and use all these different rude hand signs lol.

    1. lol I try to keep my composure and have been successful thus far. I just smile and tell them I know what I’m doing and am confident in my abilities. Then I politely change the subject haha. Good luck to your sis. I love when a lady does something that’s not typically a “woman” field like computer engineering! I’m proud! lol

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