The Picture

You feel the need to be accepted

though the truth is you’re rejected and neglected
You lie to yourself everyday
saying things are going your way
Is this what you call confidence
giving  yourself honest hints
hiding behind music
because no one chooses this
and loses this, the bruises persist
emotional scars are more physical
less whimsical
You’re really just a monster
the thought of you haunts her
Smiling while compiling your plot
they love me, they love me not
Throw down your shovel, popped your bubble
sift through this rubble of rotten trouble of your life
to you from me
you’re welcome, this is free
don’t try to not cry; here’s a tissue and a tree
not for a noose, you silly goose
carve a heart and a cross right on its roots
I say amen
to the repentance of your sin
Finally you get the picture of the game
your photo in the center with the frame of shame

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