I. Hate. Hangnails.

How does this even happen?! I mean I know how it happens, but HOW!

It’s on my middle finger and hurts like a bloody mother funker. And no, I will not pull it off. Do you do that? How?! That hurts, too, Sweet Magdalene…
Haha, I’m a little baby, give me a break. I’d say my only options are to wait until it falls off or cut it off with nail clippers, but I haven’t the slightest idea where my clippers are.
My least favorite part is when it gets caught in my clothes and my hair. It’s literally bleeding right now. Well, if you can call a little spot of blood bleeding…

Hope you’re enjoying the posts. I don’t know how the hell I’ve gotten this many followers. Not complaining. I’m thankful. Keep commenting and I’ll keep being a fucktard.


By Ashley

I'm a happily married mama out here living my best life. Drinking the best wines, having the greatest time.


      1. Writing. I don’t ignore my urges, even if it’s at a maniacal 3AM. Starting a short story I guess..seeing where it leads me.

        And no problem, that was a funny story! Awful bartender…

      2. Thank you so much!

        Is it for your blog or personal?

        Glad I caught you because i just seen a awesome trailer. The Purge. Have you seen it? Going to see it. Great Gatsby, Now You See Me and Olympus Has Fallen are my must see’s. I don’t even go to movies like that either.

      3. Personal I guess. Maybe when it’s done I’ll post some or all of it. It’s a relieving task.

        YES The Purge and Now You See Me are on the list for my boyfriend and me! I’ve seen Olympus Has Fallen and can vouch for its cinematic validity. Very good thriller film.

      4. Forgot Superman! I been thinking of posting poems and songs and some shows I wrote a long time ago but I like keeping my blog tied to the theme.

      5. I used to think i had a theme…haha so much for that. It’s really just a reflection of myself. Any and all things C.S.
        I respect that you have a theme and stick to it!

    1. I use to write poetry; rap verses/songs; sing-songs and comedy shows. I may in the future. But the main writing I do is on my blog. I like sticking with my theme, however, I did add a page called Passport Bear which is not related to my theme. It’s THE best thing I EVER written! But i haven’t posted the actual content. Just a teaser for it. It’s something I wrote that was only intended for 2 people but they person never got a chance to read it and I’m anxious to get it read by someone other than me. Lol. You must just added that because I didn’t see it 30 mins ago lol

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