Jumper kills 5-year old girl in South Korea

I can’t believe this, but then yet again, I can. It’s truly sad how one man decided to take his own life and unknowingly took the life of a little girl. Can you imagine how fast all of that must have happened? The horror of being with your daughter and then a man literally falls from the sky and lands on top of her. Sorry for the graphic insight, but it is what it is. It’s an ugly truth, and I am terribly sorry for their loss.

I just couldn’t imagine having to deal with that. It’s one of those things you think would only happen in movies. Pretty unreal. I hope the little girl’s family has a peaceful mourning period and hope the family of the jumper doesn’t blame themselves for what happened so they too can mourn their loss.

If that doesn’t make you appreciate your life and not take things for granted,  I don’t know what will!

Link: Jumper kills 5-year old girl in South Korea.


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