Shit shit shit


So my lovely laptop charger decided to go apeshit on me and is not working anymore. Currently blogging via my WordPress app. The things I do for y’all, the things I do…

Going to get a new one of course but until then, I’m laptopless…

Not topless


Anyhow, you know what show is hilarious as hell? Girlcode. I die every episode at some point. NICOLE BYER IS FUNNY AS SHIT.
She doesn’t know it but we’re basically best friends haha jessimae is the bees knees as well
The redhead is brilliant too. I can’t think of her name…

Watch it whether you’re a dude or a chick. It’ll help your life because everyone needs to laugh.
And I’m crackin the fuck up.

4 thoughts on “Shit shit shit

  1. Same thing happened to me a week ago where the tail end of my charger finally snapped after being twisted and pressed so much due to me like being in the bed while on my laptop and the outlet is behind my bed. I missed the delivery of my new charger by FedEx TWICE! I was so pissed. I concluded maybe the reason for this happening is because I needed a break from laptop because I’m not using it properly and drifting online.

    Is the WordPress app good? I downloaded it a week ago and then uninstalled it the same day because i didn’t like it.

      1. I wouldn’t have been able to make that comment if I didn’t have it because my laptop was maxed out. I’m used to being on the website. I read good and bad reviews. I really want it so i can comment on other people blogs on the go.I hear it sucks for posts with pictures and other stuff.

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