Summer is here.
That means more time with my younger family, ice cream, and movies.
It also means time to learn which college friends are going to keep in touch. What a test, what a test. I will do my part…


I freakin love summer. I get to read books for pleasure, not for an exam. I get to be the cool auntie and say “Nooo let him stay up a little longer, it’s summer”.

And the movies. Eff yea, hombre. The movies that come out during summer are epic and watch-worthy. Popcorn and Goobers is the way to go. Ocassional Twizzlers are sufficient as well.

Let’s see, oh working out!

SIDENOTE: The whole yoga thing didnt work out for me yet but I DID start doing Insanity with my sister. Im on day 6 and I’m feeling good!

I hope all of you have wonderful summer plans. Feel free to post and share them with me!

Obey your Squatch and have a brilliant summer….

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6 thoughts on “Summer

  1. I’m going to be honest with you. I find it extremely hard to keep in touch with people…but it doesn’t mean that I don’t miss them a lot. It’s just so hard and frustrating sometimes. Just a heads up, so don’t think people don’t think about you or your friendship. =) It’s only a month or two, you might be pleasantly surprised if a friend contacts you the year after

    1. It’s true. I thought about that as well and will keep it in mind 🙂 I just hope the ones I cared about will keep in touch at least every once in a while.. i just don’t want to go 10 years and not hear from them haha

    1. dude i love you.

      I will for sure be keeping in touch with you. Facebook is a bit of a drag for me now, I don’t really find a need for it. It’s excessive almost haha. But I log on every once in a while, and if I don’t drop you a line there, we can keep in touch on our blogs, texts, emails, whatever 🙂

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