Wake Up And Smell The Ashes

I’m no stranger to hard times and tears.
We all know this world is full of monsters to motivate our fears.
Sometimes I wonder why I fight so hard to be the greatest.
When in the end I’m pushed down by some jealous Lowlife racist.
I’m not playing the race card or using it as an excuse.
There’s other forms of racism than a Negro in a noose.
There’s verbal abuse, not accepting my truths.
Saying everything that comes from my mouth is an excuse.
I came from a neighborhood where Chocolate skin was rare.
And for legal reasons, teachers made sure I was treated fair.
It was all I knew, my friends were all White.
And to me, being “that Black girl” was alright.
It was an indication of our lack of proper knowledge.
But I was greeted by the same thing in college.
People using the word Nigga like it’s an everyday pronoun.
I had to try so hard for shit not to go down.
Some people are ignorant and think racism is gone.
Wake up and watch the news, that’s a burning cross on your lawn.

I hate the automatic assumption that Im a die hard Trayvon supporter because I’m Black. Yes.I support his cause because he had a wrongful death and a piss of a trial. No one has the right to judge me for my opinion coupled with the color of my skin.

I heard someone say the most discriminating thing and I was sitting right there. No hesitation that I would get offended. No concern that I might haul off and slap them. Nothing. I was truly amazed at their level of comfort in making references to Blacks as though they were a pathetic people who needed saving.

Yes, please save me.

From people like you.



I’m not apologizing for not posting in a month!


So, I think I work from home now?! I applied to a job on careerbuilder and it didn’t mention that it was an at home job. A few days later I get an email saying they’d like to consider me for the position and such. Then they actually offered me the job and I acceted. Before they offered it to me, they explained that it was an at home job. Its a logistics clerk position, etc. So I figured id go ahead and try it since it was of no cost to me and all paperwork and such were ddeemed legit. I asked my mom, boyfriend, fam, everyone about whether I should at least try it and they said yea. After my paperwork was processed, I made my company login and have already even completed my first task which involved me handling $500 worth of merch that wasn’t mine, so that was a risk on THEIR part. I find it hard to believe scammers would go to this length of scamming. But who knows. If in the end I don’t get paid, I wont be upset because it was never a charge to me to do anything. I’ll keep y’all posted of course!

For all my sports fans, how do y’all feel about Dwight Howard coming to Houston?? Uh ohhh maybe we’ll be getting some other experienced players and make our own dream team?! MIAMI watchout! Lol

Now, on a more serious note…
Abortion. Its all over the news here in Houston because texas is fighting to make abortions illegal after 20 weeks. My thing is, why don’t they also fight to change the womens health programs and policies? I feel like a lot of women want abortions because they can’t take care of a child. Why not fight for better assistance for them? Afraid they’re going to abuse the program? Then let them have an abortion! I think in texas a woman has to have had 3 kids before she can get her tubes tied? I believe that we all are entitiled to rights to our body. I’m not saying I’m pro or anti abortion. I’m pro civil rights. I’m pro let the people do what they need to do.

What do you think? Don’t be scared to have an opinion for once, readers.