I’m not apologizing for not posting in a month!


So, I think I work from home now?! I applied to a job on careerbuilder and it didn’t mention that it was an at home job. A few days later I get an email saying they’d like to consider me for the position and such. Then they actually offered me the job and I acceted. Before they offered it to me, they explained that it was an at home job. Its a logistics clerk position, etc. So I figured id go ahead and try it since it was of no cost to me and all paperwork and such were ddeemed legit. I asked my mom, boyfriend, fam, everyone about whether I should at least try it and they said yea. After my paperwork was processed, I made my company login and have already even completed my first task which involved me handling $500 worth of merch that wasn’t mine, so that was a risk on THEIR part. I find it hard to believe scammers would go to this length of scamming. But who knows. If in the end I don’t get paid, I wont be upset because it was never a charge to me to do anything. I’ll keep y’all posted of course!

For all my sports fans, how do y’all feel about Dwight Howard coming to Houston?? Uh ohhh maybe we’ll be getting some other experienced players and make our own dream team?! MIAMI watchout! Lol

Now, on a more serious note…
Abortion. Its all over the news here in Houston because texas is fighting to make abortions illegal after 20 weeks. My thing is, why don’t they also fight to change the womens health programs and policies? I feel like a lot of women want abortions because they can’t take care of a child. Why not fight for better assistance for them? Afraid they’re going to abuse the program? Then let them have an abortion! I think in texas a woman has to have had 3 kids before she can get her tubes tied? I believe that we all are entitiled to rights to our body. I’m not saying I’m pro or anti abortion. I’m pro civil rights. I’m pro let the people do what they need to do.

What do you think? Don’t be scared to have an opinion for once, readers.


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  1. Welcome back! Yeahhhh … that sounds like a scam! They can be on CB too. Now was this merch in your possession? They will go through such lengths. It’s called softening you up lmaoooo. But I hope it’s legit though. Keep us posted.

    Please!!!! Who are still fans of Dwightmare??? His indecision is worse than mines!!! Miami for the 3 peat. Did you get a chance to stay for the last game or parade?

    No comment.

  2. Yea I had the package and opened it. It was a new cell phone. And im thinking scam …lol

    And lmaooo about howard. I just had to support houston ya know. And nope I wasnt in miami for the championship

      1. This company I worked for earlier this month. I wrote 2 posts on it. But it turned out to be legit because I got paid…check came 3 days late but I got paid. I was scared because it wasnt about the money but rather my personal info…YES, THAT INFO!

      2. I dont know how to leave links in comment sections on other people blogs. Just go on mines. It’s my most recent post. The link to the second one is at the end. As you know I have a concept blog so I dont write this stuff in the format you write so you may not “get it.”

      3. I talked to enough girls to know what “K” means. And dont feed me some crap like, “I was in a rush.” You’re the first girl with a college degree to “K” me. So I must pissed you off. And as a woman, why would you ever use the phrase “panties in a bunch?” Like…why?

      4. Perhaps my degree is reason enough to lead you to believe it doesn’t mean the same thing as all those misunderstood nondegree holding ladies?

        Humor. That’s why I said panties in a bunch. I don’t take myself too seriously whom above all, you should know. That’s like…why.

        And you’ll see, immediately after my quick reply to you, I posted on my blog. Furthermore I was in multiple text conversations due to one of my best friends dad dying and trying to figure details. Maybe its not “feeding you some excuse”, it’s the truth.

      5. I didn’t know you posted. I’m subbed but I got your notifications set to weekly. I’m on a app.

        At the end of the day, I was just replying back to you as only I know how. Have a good Tuesday!

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