The Rent is Too Damn High

He wasn’t lying! I’m sayin…. Yall, I been looking for an apartment for a WHILE now and I feel like  I have gotten no where lol! Either it’s way to damn expensive too stay there and isn’t worth it (might as well just rent a house at that price!) or it’s a little too ratchet for me. I don’t know what to do. I could get a 6 month lease a place that’s decent and that’ll allow me to save up and get a dope ass place later..,? What do you think?

I think the rent is too damn high and people need to get it together. I’m a 22 year old woman not trying to live beyond my means, but heck…lol. Listen, if you got the hook up on apartments, HOLLA AT YA GIRL! lol I can’t deal right now, this shit is too stressful. I’m sitting in Starbucks having a damn near panic attack and the baristas keep letting me get coffee. What’s wrong with them? Obviously caffeine is not what I need right now. I guess I’m the fucktard for drinking it, knowing it’s making me more anxious haha…

Come on Ashley, put your thinking cap on…I need help yall!!

Oh and work today was eventful. I put in some information using the system. Proud of myself. Go ahead, congratulate me!!

Alright. Back to the hunt…cunt...
(had to)


6 thoughts on “The Rent is Too Damn High

  1. I can smell your eagerness at independence. I can relate. I’m starting to think the same thing about my apt. While my rent is decent I still feel like it could be a $100 less but I am basically in the heart of downtown. But I can’t help to think that I could be investing those same dollars in a house. I am going to research to see if any houses match my rent. Then it least I can be build up equity instead of letting thousands go to waste. Makes sense.

    I hope you find something!

    1. Hey bud!

      Yea I ended up finding something in February. Maybe I should post some pictures! It’s a cute little loft about 15 mins from my job. So it’s convenient and affordable!

      And yep your rent is most likely overpriced due to your location, haha. But it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth it. Nice apartment downtown vs nice house in a different location ya know? I’ll probably just stay here for a year and find a simple house to invest in.

      1. Heyyyy Sasquatch!!!

        You definitely gotta take us on a tour on MTV Cribs. Pictures or it didn’t happen. You still living at home. Yep.

        I love my location. I said this is where I wanted to come and boom! But honestly the rent is good compared to other apts downtown. I been here almost 3 years. But i’m feeling more housey now. Noooo I don’t got a baby on the way so shut up. I just rather own then rent. Like I damn near feel paranoid in apts because maintenance men and thinking somebody coming in while i sleep but its neighbors next door. The walls and windows seem too thin. Yes, the windows. I don’t wanna hear your conversation from across the street and a few floors up.

      2. haha ok pictures later.

        And I completely feel you about the maintenance people!! I get nervouse and sweeaaar that someone is going to walk in my apartment while I’m in the shower. I know it’s ridiculous but…haha. And it’s understandable to want to have a house, you don’t have to be someone’s baby daddy lol (I really cracked up at “Noooo I don’t got a baby on the way so shut up.”) I don’t think I even know how old you are or where you live? I know we talked about this before or I read it somewhere but..that was a while ago haha

      3. I took pictures of my apt (I love saying that). But for the purpose of getting my security deposit back. I snapped photos of how everything was before i moved in.

        Omggg i can relate. I’m so damn paranoid. I keep thinking someone is gone come in during a shower, while i got the music up loud and scare me by tapping my shoulder or when I’m sleep. For instance, if my neighbor is putting the keys in their door it sound like they are coming in my apt. I jump out of bed so much. I know no one has a key but the front office but it still creep me out. Another thing i hate when I’m out and about a long period and i see a note saying maintenance was here. I DO NOT LIKE PEOPLE AROUND MY STUFF WHEN I’M NOT AROUND. I FEEL LIKE I AM NOT LIVING ALONE. DAMN! CAN I LEAVE MONEY ON THE TABLE IF I WANT WITHOUT WORRYING ABOUT BEING ROBBED???

        26 and Tennessee.

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