how I blog

In deep thought with a glass of wine

soft music, slow beats

killed a baby spider with a towel and nearly threw the towel away

chatting with old friends from college, planning a trip to visit

sounds like a car just ran into something

spaghetti for dinner, having seconds now

“these streets will make you feel brand new”

text after text in this group chat, that’s what best friends do

alright, time to post….




6 thoughts on “how I blog

  1. I see you already been blogging. I got your blog set to weekly. I didn’t know.

    P.S. I bet your spaghetti didn’t have meatballs in it like my granny cooked for me last night

  2. Hey i’m trying to reply back on the app but it won’t let me. I was on my laptop for original comment. I guess since it’s protected. The drop down menu not working either.

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