The Chase

The chase, the thrill. It’s so damn exciting, you spend all your free time indulging in it. You want it so bad but don’t want to seem desperate. You know it’ll run away if frazzled and leave your ass in the dumps. Or if something better than you catches its eye, you’re a non-motherfuckin’ factor at that point.

You tend to it and protect it; make it feel welcomed and comfortable with you. Man oh man, you just can’t wait until it’s yours but you don’t really want it right now. You want to have it without having to deal with it. You put so much energy into this…

And as soon as it notices your advances, shows some interest, and returns the adornment, you don’t want it anymore. Though you made such a sweet, valiant ass effort to hunt this sucker down…you don’t want it.

Chasing shadows in this crooked game of finders keepers; more like finders weepers. What more of a waste of time does life have to offer?

I say fuck the pretenders and off with their heads.


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