And In Other News

Coming to terms with some dumb shit in my life is like drinking one of those cleansing probiotic shakes or something. Just poop it all out; rid my body of the toxins. It absofuckinlutely sucks while it’s happening, but the end product is a beautiful and healthier you. Right? Or is that just what they say to get you to buy the stuff?

Either way, I pretty much need some changes. Emotionally. Laugh all you want. I know I know. Yall didn’t think Choco Squatch had any feelings but she does. A lot in fact. Feelings so strong that they cause me to have panic attacks on my way home from work or standing in line at the fuckin grocery store. No joke. Doctor wants to give me meds for when it gets unmanageable. Dude. When IS it manageable? Last time I checked, I was freaking the hell out every other day. These meds are not the solution, hombre.

But yea. Change of pace is what I need I guess. I have to stop neglecting the things i enjoy doing and am good at. That’s when I was happier and overall wealthier. I make more money now than I did before and it doesn’t mean shit, let me tell ya…

More money more problems. Aint that the truth.

I need to go to bed but needed to just throw it out into the universe that I’m not done yet. I have some unfinished ass kicking to give you, ya hear? Lol things have been going good but I know what it really could be. Time to make some shit happen.

Do something strange for a little piece of change.



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