I freaking had a great day. All day I kept repeating “positive things are coming into my life” and what the heck, they did!

It was like alllll day something GREAT happened. All I could do was keep thanking God and smiling. I’ll give more details later…

Do you ever say quirky things to yourself? Like “you’re a sexy beast” when you’re brushing your teeth?


I Mind

I’ve been thinking a lot lately. About what I want and what I need. The subconscious mind is quite a chamber of secrets.
I sometimes wake up in the middle of the night, wondering if what I was dreaming was real. A few falls off the bed to prove that I in fact could NOT fly was all I needed to keep me from making that mistake again!

But what is true is believing in something so much and so wholeheartedly that it will happen. No doubts or concerns as to how or why it should happen; just an honest faith that it will. I pray every night and throughout the day. Not for just myself but for others, too. I pray that even the people who do not care for me may take solace each night and wake up to a new promising day. I pray that I can find strength and guidance to get me through whatever rough patches life may throw at me, and I pray that whoever is by my side can see it through with me. I am humbled by the mercy and grace that’s been placed on my life and the people I care for. I want nothing more than for that to continue. I believe that things will fall in place and be as they should. I know that my yearnings in prayer will not go unanswered.

A clear mind has tons of room for positive thoughts. I doubtful mind has none, as each positive thought is merely torn down by another negative one; metastasizing like an undiscovered cancer. This nasty negativity and confusion can create ill effects. Lashing out at someone or making a rash decision before thinking it through. Sometimes it may not be working it out or talking it out with others. Sometimes the first step is figuring it out in your own subconscious mind. The only person who knows how happy you are is you. When you portray that emotion, others will believe it too. How can you expect any change or true happiness if you are lying to yourself and in return lying to others; giving a false sense of hope and security.

Then believe in what you want and the positive reinforcements will help manifest it into your life. Pray. When in doubt, pray. When confused, pray. When you think no one understands, pray. Questions of faith, anger, love, life; pray.

A fool sees a dollar on the ground and makes a mad dash to claim it. A wise man seeks to return the dollar for in return he will have many many more dollars. Who will give him these dollars? A reward from the rightful owner of the dollar? Maybe. Even if he returns the dollar and the owner just says “thank you”, it is still a positive experience for both men. The wise man sees that fortune for two is far more valuable than misfortune for one. Somewhere down the road, he will be met by his positive outlook on life and will relish in the joy and prosperity.

I know that I have undoubtedly made mistakes as most of us have. My intentions are always for good, and I just want to push others to see how great they can be. I never mean to under-mind someone else’s decisions or valued beliefs. You are who you are, and I am no one to change that. Just know that your mind and decisions manifest a world of its own and you are just along for the ride until you take hold of it.

I don’t know about you, but I mind.

Making Money From Home

So, I have a real question.

Do any of you make a legit side income from home? I was looking into getting a weekend job, but figure I might as well reach out to all of you and see if you know of any cool programs to make some extra pocket change. By no means am I trying to get something to replace my income ( I make enough). I’ve been having to spend money on my car and have been wanting to update my apartment and stuff (decorate, buy new crap). Plus I want to travel more and will be in Miami in May!

Any ideas? Success? Please do share and comment! I’d be happy to sign up under whatever affiliate link you have as long as the shit works.

(You spam me and I will fuck you up)