Undercover optimists knock plainly at my door
They ask me what am I willing to die for
I form my lips to calmly respond
Then I wake from my dream from the world beyond


26 thoughts on “5/30/15

      1. Well I was testing the waters to see if it was even intriguing/compelling enough to finish. And I don’t want to rush it. I kind of want to work on it a bit now actually…

      2. I did. He liked it?

        Side note: do you have a big presence on any social network? Namely, Facebook? If so, how much would you charge if someone wanted to post from your account?

      3. Oh and my best friend read it. they both liked it.

        I’m not as big through my music company on Facebook anymore, but I have quite a few friends in Miami and Houston on my personal one.
        And I guess it would depend what they were trying to post.

      4. Been marketing since Wednesday. Submitted it on Reddit, 4chan, kind of on Twitter, Hacker News, Mashable, etc. YouTube has a option where you can pay to promote it as a ad when a YouTube video first comes on. I like that option. I’m curious about posting on Worldstar but I hate them.

      5. That ish make me cringe. Every time I see someone getting knocked out I wanna jump through my laptop screen. Those fights make me mad. Like few days ago I saw this black ratchet girl attacking this innocent white girl. Then when her lil brother who is 6 tries to help her the ratchet broad hit him and slung him to the ground. I teared up. I just hate them for what they present as entertainment and their business practices.

        I have a feeling my video may do well on there but they gone plaster their damn watermark all over it and those views won’t count on my actual YouTube channel.

      6. I feel you. I don’t like when they abuse the innocent for noooo good reason but…they are what they are. entertainment. and plenty people watch it.

        I hope your Youtube channel works out. what’s the link?

      7. Marketing, as in submitting my video to those sites I mentioned. I uploaded on the 27th to piggyback off the release of Fight Club.

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