Dude, we’re halfway through the year! How crazy is that?! And it all started on a Monday…

Today wasn’t so bad actually. I feel productive. Got through work, made dinner, took care of some business. Pretty legit day. Not much to complain about. I’m trying not to complain about much anymore. It’s actually a lot easier to get through the day and end on a positive note when you’re not complaining about things lol.

Sidenote: My boyfriend and I have kittens and they are freaking crazy. They run around, do flips, and act like dogs. We are so blessed LOL. One is named Queso because she’s orange and the other is named Johley. Queso is the ring leader and just destroys anything in her path. She will jump on annyyything and attack. Cracks me up. Johley is just dumb sometimes and will be walking one moment and then just flop to the ground and play the next!

They’re calling me now…and so is my bed 🙂

Good Night.



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